EcoFurn & Betolar - Low-carbon design concrete products for the needs of consumers and urban environments


Eco-friendly design for international demand

Thanks to Betolar's low-carbon innovation, EcoFurn Finland Oy, a product and business designer that draws on the principles of sustainable development, the circular economy and environmental innovations was finally able to start using concrete in its products. 

The company designs low-carbon concrete products for the growing needs of consumers, urban environments and urban construction. The products are manufactured using Betolar's Geoprime® formula by a contract manufacturer sharing the same values.

EcoFurn knows that low-carbon concrete is the cornerstone of future construction. For the company, therefore, low-carbon concrete is not only a better option, but the only one.

EcoFurn Finland Oy develops, designs and markets eco-friendly furniture made from natural materials, which are internationally recognised design products.

The products are sold under the EcoFurn® brand, as well as under customers' own brands.

EcoFurn operates globally, as the demand for Finnish design is growing internationally. Today, EcoFurn products are sold to 35 countries.

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“For us, sustainability and environmentally friendly raw materials are inalienable values. Concrete products have previously been out of the question due to their considerable climate impacts, but Betolar’s Geoprime has now opened up new development opportunities for concrete products.”

- Hannu Lehtonen, Co-Founder of EcoFurn.

Solutions for market needs without compromising sustainability

Sustainability and raw materials that do not harm nature are EcoFurn’s uncompromising values and the basis of their business. For this reason, concrete products were out of the question in the past due to their significant climate impact.

Then came Geoprime® – the new generation of geopolymer concrete that supports the circular economy, saves virgin natural resources and uses industrial side streams. It allows EcoFurn to start a new kind of development of concrete products.

The products meet the needs of consumers and urban environments in particular, such as facilitating the mobility of the population, gardening and furnishings, green energy production and transport solutions.

Cities also have ambitious emission reduction targets and a continuing need for concrete structures and products serving the urban environment and infrastructure.

The global conquest of low-carbon design concrete products begins

As the first product group, EcoFurn and Betolar launched low-carbon and functional concrete barriers and collision barriers for traffic control in April 2022. The arrow shape of these new types of concrete barriers, as well as the different colours and reflective materials, facilitate traffic control in an innovative way.

The partnership agreement with Betolar entitles EcoFurn to the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of Geoprime® products, and commercial use of the Geoprime® brand worldwide.

EcoFurn has its own design studio that helps to design customised products for different markets and customers. EcoFurn focuses on external design, while structural design is carried out by Betolar, concrete manufacturers, mould designers or mould manufacturers, as needed.

Partners share the same values

The low-carbon concrete products designed by EcoFurn are manufactured at the Finnish concrete industry’s pioneer JA-KO Betoni factory in Kokkola.

JA-KO Betoni has seen an increase in demand for low-carbon concrete and understands the concrete industry’s responsibility to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It signed a 10-year Geoprime® licence and delivery agreement with Betolar in February 2022, and was naturally selected as EcoFurn's manufacturer of low-carbon concrete products.

Low-carbon concrete products can be found in the product range on EcoFurn’s website

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