Betolar Plc’s cookie policy

Last updated: 21.11.2022

What are cookies and what are they used for?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the cache of your device or browser when you visit the website of Betolar Plc (hereinafter referred to as “Betolar”). A cookie file contains a small amount of information, such as a series of numbers that the website reads during your visit. Cookies are used, for example, to store a user’s data when they move from one page to another on a website.

Some of the cookies used on Betolar’s website are critical to the functioning of the website – such necessary cookies enable the core functionalities of the website, such as session management features. You cannot deny the use of such cookies except by changing your browser settings – however, after that, the website and all its services might no longer function normally.

Some cookies, on the other hand, are used to improve your experience on the website. Some of the cookies used also support the video functions used on Betolar Plc’s website. You can opt out of such cookies in the cookie banner that appears when you visit Betolar’s website for the first time. You can change your previous choices regarding cookies by clicking the link below.

With cookies, Betolar can, for example, collect valuable information about how many customers visit our website, what kind of terminals and browsers our customers use, when they visit our website, what pages of our website our customers visit, and from which web address they come to Betolar’s website.

Some of the cookies we use can be used to collect your personal data. For more information on how Betolar processes your personal data, please refer to Betolar’s Privacy Statement.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be divided into the following categories:

Session cookies

Session cookies are only valid for as long as you visit Betolar’s website – such cookies are only temporarily stored on your device. Typically, session cookies are automatically deleted when you leave Betolar’s website or close your browser.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are stored in your browser’s cache for a pre-defined period (you can, of course, delete these cookies by clearing your browser’s cache before the deadline expires). Such cookies allow Betolar to remember your preferences when you return.

First-party cookies

First-party cookies are cookies placed on your device by Betolar’s website when you visit our website. You can, in principle, refuse these cookies and delete cookies that have already been saved.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies placed on your device by a third party (e.g. our suppliers or partners) when you visit our website. You can, in principle, refuse these cookies and delete cookies that have already been saved.

General uses of cookies

Cookies have a variety of different uses. These purposes can be divided into the following general categories:

Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website and for us to ensure that it is protected against unusual activities. These cookies are usually set only in response to actions and requests you make, such as changing your privacy settings, logging in or filling out forms.

Analytics cookies

These cookies are often used to improve the performance of our website, as they allow us to analyse visitor flows, the number of users and the sources of online traffic. This type of cookie is not strictly necessary for the operation of our website, but is, for example, intended to tell us which pages you find the most interesting. Analytics cookies allow us to use the information collected about you to provide you with an individual and therefore the best possible user experience on our website. This means, for example, that we can make sure that the pages you visit are ready to receive an appropriate number of visitors and thus load faster.

Functional cookies

These cookies are used to improve the performance of our website and to streamline your browsing experience, for example by ensuring that the website you visit loads faster and that the website remembers your saved choices, such as your language preferences. Much of the information collected by functional cookies is of a general nature and may include, for example, information about the browser typically used. This information helps us, among other things, to analyse visitor and user flows.

How you can influence the use of cookies on your terminal devices

You may prohibit the placement of non-essential cookies on your devices (including third-party cookies). This can be done by changing your cookie settings at any time here [link].

However, as a result:

  • the information you provide may be lost the next time you visit our website.
  • you will not be able to use all the functions of our website.

You can prevent the use of certain third-party cookies by visiting that third-party’s website (see links above). From the links, you are directed to the privacy policy of the third party in question or to a page where you can select the settings for their cookies.

However, this may result in you not being able to:

  • use certain functions such as the communication channels on our website and see video content on our website

Updates to the cookie information

We may make changes to this cookie information from time to time. The most up-to-date cookie information is always available on Betolar’s website. The most recent update time of this cookie information appears at the top of this page.

Betolar’s contact details

If you have any questions about Betolar’s use of cookies or for any other reason, please contact us at:

Contact person:
Joanna Viileinen
Betolar Plc
Mannilantie 9
43300 Kannonkoski, Finland


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