What is Geoprime®?

A solution for greener environments

Geoprime® is a side stream-based low carbon construction material innovation and a sustainable alternative to cement.


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Products for stabilization and construction


Surface casting and structural masses for various applications


Construction elements, landscaping products, and column bases


Solutions for by-product utilization and substituting cement


"Housing the growing human population requires huge quantities of valuable material and energy, which will put great stress on natural resources, the environment, and our climate. Betolar has created revolutionary innovations in building materials that greatly reduce both the use of scarce primary resources and the emission of greenhouse gases. They also use commonly available raw materials and production facilities, making them highly affordable and rapidly scalable."

Ashok Khosla

Formerly Co-Chair of the UN’s International Resource Panel, President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and Co-President of the Club of Rome

Leading the way for a greener future

The new era of sustainable built environments is here. Geoprime® is Betolar’s breakthrough technological solution that enables us to create cement-free construction materials out of industrial side streams, helps reduce the use of natural resources, and cuts the CO2 emissions.

We at Betolar believe in a sustainable future and want to help the construction industry build it. We promise our customers a continuous competitive edge.